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I don’t just “video your wedding”.
I create films that ignite memories years down the road.

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Covering Weddings SinceĀ 2010
I believe that your story is unique. And so is your wedding day. It is a story of many more stories to come. After speaking to so many couples over the years, I’ve learnt that they prefer simplicity over hyped up stuff,
and value sincere, candid moments over posed, artificial videos. I understand the unique moments that happen in every wedding, and the opportunity that lies and what can be anticipated. With this experience, I aim to bring the best out of those moments, and film your wedding day naturally, cinematically, perfectly.

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Malay Wedding in Singapore
Erma & Izdihar

Malay Wedding Videography in Singapore

Here’s a detailed look at a Malay Wedding that was held in Singapore recently.

As a videographer, you have your own perspective on how the wedding is carried out

Well today, I am going to share with you the itinerary of a 2 Day Malay Wedding,

and every segment and event that occured in those two days.

In fact, as a videographer, I have the luxury to capture videos which I made into gifs,

to make the reading experience more enjoyable.


The best part?


This blog post is 4000 words long and took me about a week to compile,

so I hope this detailed guide helps anyone who is currently planning their wedding.

Wedding & Cultural Showcase

Our work revolves primarily around weddings, although we do cover other events as well.
Erma & Izdihar
Su Rong & Ramesh
SONY Commercial: Indian Wedding